I participated in every aspect of PreProduction and Production of a big-budget HBO movie-series as an assistant to director Krzysztof Skonieczny (7 months).
Having spent almost 60 days on a professional film set, I’m very familiar with its workflow and rules.



— film directing

— film editing

— DoP, camera operator, steadicam operator

— photography (I’m familiar with photographic processing)

— photo/video post production (color correction, grading)

— dance: hip-hop / house / juke footwork  (That’s Right Crew)

I’ve been photographing since 2009 and making films since 2012.




— film production

— special video effects

— audio post production

— publication design (ZINs, books, other)

— graphic design


I’m also interested in human emotions, psychology, sociology, psychomagic, shamanism, dreams (especially lucid dreaming and using it as an “life simulator”), chakras, CHI energy, entrepreneurship, good relations with people but also holograms, innovative techniques for communication via visual arts and some other stuff.