Tarniu [Luminarz*];

 Warsaw based Film Director. Producer. Camera operator. Photographer. Editor. Visual artist.
Hip-Hop/House/Chicago footwork dancer. Born Polish in Wrocław.

Worked on the pre-production and production of polish HBO tv series “Blinded By The Lights” as Assistant to Director Krzysztof Skonieczny.

Although his interests spread in every emotionally artistic (and artistically
emotional) direction, he follows his own path, which has already led him through
polish school system, leaving not only a foul taste, but also further reluctance and
opposition towards the onset rules.

Hip-hop and house dancer in That’s Right Crew under the supervision of
Mostek YesYesY’all.

Being a humanist, he perceives the world by its smallest particles, causes and
effects, with everything that lies in between, even doubts. His Father gave him the
thrill of ambition and taught him the importance of hard work, his Mother gave him
sensibility. Forever attracted to broading his horizons, he assosiates himself with
regime brigade – art collective and organisation,
created by a group of young&local&creative.
Women, imperfection, distinctness – he loves it and its primal appeal.

Tarniu made more than 150 short film forms, mainly music videos, many of them for
the major polish record label Alkopoligamia.com and local rappers like
Dżejpa aka Juan Martin Naborati.
He goes in the direction of a symbolic, abstract, but still human photography, films
and video art – his cooperation with vaporwave clothes brand KODXINV being like
a trailer to his future artworks.

Check my Skills.

* Luminarz (eng. luminary) – a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.